This small exterior backlot is just adjacent to Hennesey Street. The location offers four-story commercial/residential exteriors with brick and stone finishes, paved sidewalks and a single lane street all circling a grassy park. Several of the first–story facades have walk-in interiors perfect for event activities and branding. This set was The Bank Hotel and Casino in the movie Ocean’s Thirteen and the college campus for the television show Ghost Whisperer.



  • Usable Street: 6,000 sq. ft
  • Street Dimensions/ Loop: 188’L x 16’W
  • Street Dimensions/ Straight Away: 116’L x 23’W
  • Park: 2,500 sq. ft
  • Park Dimensions: 62’L x 48’W
  • Elevated Main Stage: 52’L x 6’9”W
  • Curb to Building: 7’ – 14’ Variable W
  • Building Height: 48’ – 55’ Variable
  • Largest Interior Facade: 400 sq. ft

For more information on planning your next event at this location,
please contact Warner Bros. Special Events Team at 818.954.2652