Warner Bros. Studio is one of the most memorable motion picture and television production facilities in the world. Hundreds of your favorite films and television shows have been created and filmed on this lot. The Studio headquarters, here in Burbank, total 110 acres, split between a 20 acre backlot and a front lot with 31 sound stages that have housed some of the most iconic television series in the world today, including The Big Bang Theory, Ellen, Friends, Young Sheldon and Abbott Elementary.

The property was acquired in the late 1920s , thanks to the success of The Jazz Singer – the first talking picture. With the box office money, the Warner brothers purchased the land from First National Pictures, and relocated most of the company from their first studio on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood to Burbank. The 1930s gave birth to the Looney Tunes, these animated characters remain remain globally popular. We reached television screens in the 1950s with classic Westerns like Cheyenne and Maverick. The 1960s brought DC Comics into the Warner Communications family.

Throughout our almost 100 years, we’ve continued constructing sound stages, backlot sets and the pre/post productions facilities needed to bring every aspect of the final product to life. Today, Warner Bros. is a television powerhouse and force at the box office that holds more records than any other studio. Now you can bring this magic to your very own events.