Embassy Courtyard and New York Park double as upscale New York settings. A façade with large columns was designed to look like the exterior of a five star hotel and the gated courtyard beside it, the outdoor seating area of a fine restaurant. Across the street you’ll find New York Park, with its lush grass and towering trees. It has been featured as Central Park in many television shows and feature films. Both venues together can become the basis of a unique and exciting special event your guests will never forget.


  • Usable Street: 19,000 sq. ft
  • 3rd Street to Jumbo Mart: 222’L x 32’W
  • French Street to 3rd Street: 165’L x 32’W
  • Jumbo Mart to French Street: 140’L x 32’W
  • Usable Courtyard: 1700 sq. ft
  • Courtyard Dimensions: 43’L x 42’W
  • Usable Park: 11,000 sq. ft
  • Park Dimensions: 168’L x 64’W
  • Curb to Building: 8’ – 14’ Variable W

Event Examples

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