Warner Bros. very own slice of the “Big Apple” can be found on its most famous backlot, New York Street. Originally built in the 1930’s for classic Hollywood gangster pictures starring James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson, this downtown business district can be dressed to represent virtually any major city in the world. It’s been featured in movies as diverse as A Star Is Born, The Last Samurai, Blade Runner and for a pivotal scene in The Artist. New York Street is the location for the popular television show Shameless and served as the ambulance entrance for the television series E.R.: complete with an elevated commuter rail way, Chicago’s famous “L”. With large main stage and green room capabilities for special events, New York Street is the home for numerous award shows and gala receptions.


  • Usable Street: 28,000 sq. ft
  • Marquee Row: 296’L x 38’W
  • Curb to Building: 10’ – 13’ Variable W
  • Wall Street: 280’L x 30’W
  • Curb to Building: 13’ – 16’ Variable W
  • Average Building Height: 25’ – 35’
  • Main Stage Pocket: 1,600 sq. ft
  • Stage Dimensions: 32’W x 60’L
  • Main Stage Green Room: 1,700 sq. ft
  • Green Room Dimensions: 40’L x 35’W
  • Ike Ryan’s Façade Interior: 2,400/2,500 sq. ft
  • NY Marquee Façade Interior: 2,800 sq. ft

Event Examples

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