The Picture Car Vault: Not Your Average Garage

For most of us, the garage is a place for cars to stay dry and seasonal gear to collect dust. Only the most unique garages are always pristine (thanks to an attentive butler) and filled not with storage containers but with the most outrageously fast, famously sexy metal sculptures on wheels. In fact, “garage” isn’t even a fitting description – these are truly vaults.

In this spirit, Warner Bros. created the Picture Car Vault: a sleek space that houses many of the Batmobiles from the successful film franchise. Complete with saturated lighting and a Bat signal, it’s as close to Bruce Wayne’s decadent fictional “garage” as one can get.

For a recent event in the Picture Car Vault (it’s available to host events after studio tours are done for the day), we did something a little different with the space for an in-house event. We rolled up the garage door on one end and accessed the lot’s actual garage that services all the studio’s production cars. This gave us both a cool décor idea and a little more room for the 150-person event, a marketing mixer for Warner Bros. Post Production services and their clients. From the décor and food to the lighting and sound, we utilized our WB resources to show off all services available right here on the lot for event production.

The space in the actual garage is separated by a huge tire rack that became a major focal point of the event. Tucked in among the tires is a special one featuring the Batman logo as the tread! We stacked extra tires on both sides of the bar and moved one of the Batmobiles into that space so it felt like a continuation of the museum rather than a separate entity.

The Warner Bros. Property Department supplied all the industrial chic décor, including couches, chairs, bar, floor candelabras, and metal-rimmed wood coffee tables. They even supplied the burgundy draping hung throughout the garage side of the party. The light fixtures were custom-built by the artisans behind the Designer Collection of our Property Department. The set lighting team brought in a lighting designer to punch up the garage area with moving lights and added a few additional layers to the already rich lighting palette in the museum. Finally, our Sound Department linked additional speakers to the existing sound system, carrying the custom playlist throughout the reinvented space.


    With Waikami Salad
    Topped with a Parmesan Breadcrumb Crust Served on a china spoon
    Served with Green Papaya Relish
    Presented with Olive Oil Crostini and a Red Wine Onion Jam
    Served on Crostini & topped with Manchego
Playing to the style of the décor, we gave the wait staff that Edison vibe with red ties and gray suspenders. The bartenders also wore black fedoras.

Guests indulged in a beautiful display of desserts at one station while three styles of gourmet chili in three different styles – complete with all the fixings – were featured at another. The final touch of this event: a specialty coffee truck! Where else can you enjoy gourmet coffee in a garage? (Aside from Wayne Manor, of course…)

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