Warner Bros. Ranch, off lot on Hollywood Way, hosts a number of exciting and versatile locations, from the Lethal Weapon movies to the Griswald family home in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Walton’s. Blondie Street is a curved residential road lined with a variety of modern-day suburban homes facing a large neighborhood park and swimming pool, and is home to the hit television show The Middle. Adjacent to Blondie Street is Park Boulevard: a block of upscale Bostonian Row houses overlooking the lush green park and fountain (which was immortalized in the opening credits of Friends). Together or separately, the possibilities for your next special event at The Warner Bros. Ranch are endless.


  • Blondie Street: 20,000 sq. ft
  • Blondie Street Dimensions: 720’L x 21’W
  • Curb to Building: 4’
  • Skeffington Street: 10,000 sq. ft
  • Skeffington Street Dimensions: 300’L x 30’W
  • Curb to Building: 4’
  • Park Street: 14,000 sq. ft
  • Park Street Dimensions: 300’L x 44’W
  • Curb to Building: 7’ – 9’ Variable W
  • Building Height: 50’
  • Home Height: 20’ – 25’
  • Ranch Park: 68,000 sq. ft
  • Ranch Park Dimensions: 650’L x 620’W
  • Fountain Dimensions: 486sf Diameter 25’ Radius 12 ½’
  • Pool: 1,800 sq. ft
  • Pool Dimensions: 50’L x 31’W
  • Smith House: 1,300 sq. ft
  • Smith House Dimensions: 37’L x 30’W
  • Alan House: 2,500 sq. ft
  • Alan House Dimensions: 67’L x 35’W
  • Rehearsal Hall: 3,300 sq. ft
  • Main Room: 2,400 sq. ft
  • Main Room Dimensions: 62’L x 39’W
  • (2) Pantry Rooms: 13’L x 11’W each
  • (2) Principle: 15’L x 15’W each

For more information on planning your next event at this location,
please contact Warner Bros. Special Events Team at 818.954.2652