At the end of Brownstone Street and facing the Commissary Fine Dining Room, is Commissary Park. This intimate outdoor setting features lush shade trees filled with tivoli lights, old-fashioned street lamps, park benches, umbrella tables and fragrant flower beds. It’s perfect for a night of dinner under the stars and dancing in the park. The television shows Hart of Dixie and Chuck have utilized this location for their exterior sets.

Wedding / Event

Reception 150

Seated Event


  • Specs

    • Usable Street: 5,900 sq. ft
    • Street Dimensions: 126’L x 28’W
    • Usable Park: 1800 sq. ft
    • Park Dimensions: 53’L X 35’W

  • Recommendations

  • Commissary Park parking is available off lot in the Gate 3 Franklin Structure or on lot in Lot P and Lot H. Restrooms are located in the Franklin Structure, Commissary Park, and the Commissary Fine Dining Room. Expand your event by utilizing Steven J. Ross Plaza or Brownstone Street. Commissary Park can also be combined with the Commissary Fine Dining Room for an inside/outside venue.

For more information on planning your next event at this location, please contact
Warner Bros. Special Events Team at 818.954.2652