Thursday, December 17, 2015
10 Holiday Ideas That Sleigh Us!

As a reader of this blog, you know that at Warner Bros. Special Events we are typically involved with large events happening around the studio lot. They are often multi-layered, so we need to source many creative design ideas that go into the mix to create a multi-dimensional look.

For example, this tabletop (pictured below) began with a lush black-and-white linen and was finished with the unique combination of amber glassware and red, red, red floral centerpieces – which even featured pomegranates! To create a more intimate feeling within the soundstage, large, live trees were brought in while bistro lights added a touch of romance.


And this winter white look created for a wedding contained so many little details. While each are beautiful in their own right, they came together for an even more dramatic look. Each one was sourced and acquired by our special events department!


You get the picture: holiday décor works best when layered, and every detail counts. So as you can imagine, we have a plethora of holiday ideas in our arsenal, including some especially fun and very feasible ones for the holiday season. Here are 10 holiday ideas that sleigh us and that we’ll be using at events on the studio lot, as well as at our own parties.

Snow Globe Terrariums


This snow globe terrarium idea we sourced from Pink Pistachio is perfect for layer building. Consider placing them on a buffet or a tabletop overflowing with other design elements, such as sheaths of fabric, artfully arranged ornaments, and small, living trees. To get the look, fill apothecary jars with fake snow, then add white twinkle lights and top with more snow to hide the lights. Anything you want can be added to the scene – a  winter landscape, small pine trees, or even a floral design would be gorgeous!

A Glass Menagerie


Along the lines of a terrarium, another idea for the table or buffet is so simple and uses things we all have on hand during the holidays. Wine glasses, turned upside down, become terrariums of sorts when placed over ornaments, mini pine trees, or decorative objects and then topped with a candle. This is both a great way to add visual texture to a tabletop design and to get those candles up higher, above the guests’ otherwise obstructed sightlines from across the table!

Holiday Lanterns


Keep the glow going with these very easy-to-make lanterns. A good guide to making these can be found here.



Like the show “Portlandia’s” faux-Portland motto, “Put a bird on it,” we say, “Put a frame around it!” A frame conveys a sense of importance to everything and enables people to see something they see every holiday season in a new way… as the art that it is.

Book Smart



A tree of leaves – book leaves, that is – can be a unique look for a buffet or tabletop. We’ve seen this done several ways, whether it’s by using books of the same color employing books from the same author or literary genre. Not everyone will notice careful attention to detail, but it’s such a fun experience for those who do! But even for those who don’t, it’s still a very cool effect that plays well for all.

Tiers of Joy


Display favorite Christmas cards on a tiered stand, along with artificial greens, small presents, and ornaments, for a different kind of Christmas tree.

Thinking Outside the Cookie Cutter


You can use real vintage cookie cutters or new. But it’s how you decorate the inside that is the fun, creative part.  Cut outs of old photographs, wrapping paper or even old Christmas cards look great this way. If you want to get really fancy, you can glue on beads, sequins, lace, etc. The possibilities are endless! A project tutorial is available from Martha Stewart.

Paper Ball Ornaments


Remember those popcorn strings and paper chains? If you are a millennial, perhaps not, but for so many of us who used to (happily) make their own tree décor, what goes around comes around! The DIY market is full of great ideas like these paper ball ornaments. Here’s how to do it.

Si, Ombre!


For the most fashionable tree on the block, consider giving it an ombre treatment, a bold move guaranteed to either raises some eyebrows or the fashion rating of your holiday party – both, if you’re lucky! Here’s a tutorial on how to make this easy, yet very exciting look, sure to be a hit with your guests and on Instagram.

A Sweet Ending


Need we say more? Actually, we can’t with our mouths full of candy cane!


No matter what your decorating plans are this year, may your holidays be exceptional and brimming with rosé champagne, allowing one of this year’s biggest trends to lead us happily into a bubbly 2016!